Eurofins Genomics Re-Branding

 Eurofins Medigenomix and Eurofins MWG Operon have changed their brand names to Eurofins GenomicsPlease read on to discover the benefits that you can now expect from this combined power.

DNA-Forensics Pharma-Services
i-Button-forensics DNA-Forensics
DNA and Genomic Services


Pharma Service Introduction

i-Button-Fathertest Paternity Testing
DNA paternity and relationship testing
i-Button-G-proteins G-Proteins

Authenticity of Food
Authenticity of Basmati Rice, Beef Gender Testing,
Species Determination in Food

i-Button-application Applications

Breeder Service
- Plant Breeding
- Livestock Breeding
- Pet Breeding

i-Button-portfolio Portfolio
i-Button-PCR Genotyping and Gene expression
SNP Genotyping, DNA Marker, PCR, Mutation, Microsatellite (STR) Analysis
iButton-quality Quality Assurance
iButton-Residual-DNA Residual DNA Analysis    
iButton-quality Quality Assurance    
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