DNA-Forensics Pharma-Services
i-Button-forensics DNA-Forensics
DNA and Genomic Services


Pharma Service Introduction

i-Button-Fathertest Paternity Testing
DNA paternity and relationship testing
i-Button-G-proteins G-Proteins

Authenticity of Food
Authenticity of Basmati Rice, Beef Gender Testing,
Species Determination in Food

i-Button-application Applications

Breeder Service
- Plant Breeding
- Livestock Breeding
- Pet Breeding

i-Button-portfolio Portfolio
i-Button-PCR Genotyping and Gene expression
SNP Genotyping, DNA Marker, PCR, Mutation, Microsatellite (STR) Analysis
iButton-quality Quality Assurance
iButton-Residual-DNA Residual DNA Analysis    
iButton-quality Quality Assurance    
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